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Billet rates for medical travel hosts lowered in Iqaluit

Private billets return to national rates
With the completion of the Sailijaaqvik boarding home, left, the capacity issues at the Tammattaavik boarding home, right, have been alleviated and billet rates for medical travel hosts have been lowered. NNSL file photo

Starting April 1, the rate for private billet hosts for medical travellers in Iqaluit will be lowered to $50 per person per night.

The previous billet rate of $202 was to alleviate capacity issues at the Tammaativvik boarding home, with the opening of Sailijaaqvik across the street earlier this month on March 7, the Government of Nunavut will be returning to national rates when a boarding home is available.

To register to become a billet, a Non-Insured Health Benefits private billet application can be completed by both client and host and returned to your local health centre or emailed to