A maximum of 170 Bluenose East caribou can be harvested within the Nunavut Settlement Area, the Government of Nunavut announced Wednesday.

The total allowable harvest is necessary because the herd is continuing to decline, creating a conservation concern, according to the Department of Environment. The number of Bluenose East caribou was estimated at 19,000 in 2018, down from approximately 120,000 animals in 2010.

The herd’s range includes a vast area around Kugluktuk and extends south into the vicinity of Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories.

The Department of Environment has also established a sex-selective harvest ratio of one female caribou for every male caribou harvested.

Hunters must acquire a tag from the local wildlife office before hunting.

By comparison, in 2017, Kugluktuk had a total of 340 tags available for Bluenose East caribou.

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  1. In regular language what is :
    …established a sex-selective harvest ratio of one female caribou for every male caribou harvested?
    So can we harvest 170 plus one female for every male caribou harvested?

    Qanuq kangiqhipkainahualiqpaktut.

    1. 170 maximum per the first sentence. The ratio means 85 males, 85 females and will ensure the population procreates. Glad they set limits in place, to ensure the population grows while balancing it out with hunting.

      Quana for the GN for setting limits and for our Hunters and community whom abides by them.

  2. The scientist should consult with the People of the effected area instead of coming to their own conclusion.

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