Nunavut News had the chance to talk with Capt. Chris Kalluk, Commanding Officer for 3004 Loyal Edmonton Regiment Royal Canadian Army Cadets (3004 NANOOK Cambridge Bay Cadets) in Cambridge Bay.

Capt. Kalluk touched on what they do, how registration has gone and why it’s a worthwhile program.

What are some values you teach the cadets?

Cadets is an organization geared toward developing youth into leaders, focusing on fitness, citizenship, and stimulating interest in the activities of the Canadian Armed Forces.

How many cadets have registered this year?

This year, we had 11 new cadets sign up, but an additional seven who are 11 years old and turning 12 within the training year have approached us and plan to join when they turn 12.

How many cadets registered in the past few years?

3004 had five cadets sign up last year, and five cadets sign up two years ago. Only one cadet that signed up two years ago is still with the corps.

What are the activities you do with them?

The average training year consists of Wednesday night parades, where we teach the cadets drill and general cadet knowledge. We also host the Remembrance Day ceremonies yearly, so we require set-up, outfitting uniforms and practice.

3004 has three field training exercises every year, where we take the cadets to a camp out on the land and teach them various field skills and survival.

3004 usually has a marksmanship team that does quite well, and we practice anywhere from one to three times a week, depending on requirements. This year, we plan to get at least some cadets coached for possible future competitions.

During the Omingmak Frolics parade, 3004 typically leads the parade with a colour party (marching with flags).

Our final parade of the year is the Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR), when we award the level and rank promotions and the various awards for outstanding individuals.

Throughout the year, we will also try to do food drives to help collect food for the food hamper at the wellness centre. We have also done garbage sweeps to try and clean up around the community.

Why do you recommend sending children and youth to your program?

Cadets is a proactive youth development organization providing the youth with a career path to becoming future leaders. The free program allows youth ages 12 to 18 to travel for summer camp and meet new people from all over Canada and sometimes overseas. Cadets get to challenge themselves and understand their opportunities.

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