Canada Post is making news in Rankin Inlet, again. The service provider has long been frustrating residents with slow mail delivery and irregular hours.

In hamlet council on Oct. 24, members passed a motion to send a formal letter to Canada Post, to Nunavut’s Member of Parliament Lori Idlout, and to the Minister Responsible for Canada Post, Helena Jaczek.

Lorne Kusugak, MLA for Rankin Inlet South, brought it up on the opening day of the fall sitting of the legislature too.

“I rise today to talk a little bit about the very poor service we are having in Rankin Inlet from Canada Post,” said Kusugak.

“Mr. Speaker, Canada Post’s inconsistent hours and lack of delivery of mail and parcels is hurting our community severely. In fact, another alert went out today, luckily not through the mail because they wouldn’t receive it, but through the Internet, saying that we are going to have intermittent hours again until such time that Canada Post’s Nunavut branch could clear the matter.”

He went on to say that his constituents have been notified they have parcels in Rankin Inlet that “have been sitting there for six to eight weeks,” which also affects mail going to outlying communities.

“If heads of Canada Post and Nunavut can work in Iqaluit and sort out thousands of Amazon boxes every day, surely they could hire full-time employees in Rankin Inlet with full benefits so that people could go to work,” said Kusugak.

He made sure to say that none of this is the fault of staff in Rankin Inlet, who are working their hardest.

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