Canada Post is becoming a lightning rod on Rankin Inlet’s social media.

The company has been taking to Facebook to update the community almost every working day on the store’s hours and any news of closures. The posts have been garnering dozens of comments, debate and calls for change to mailing in the North.

“Canada Post is getting very frustrating,” said one Chesterfield Inlet resident to Kivalliq News.

The resident requested anonymity, and though many people publicly commented on Canada Post’s updates, they also did not want to share their names with local media.

“I’ve sent packages to Kuglugtuk and Kuujjuak (Quebec), and they still haven’t arrived since late October/early November,” said the resident. “I’ve also been waiting for packages from Arviat since mid-October and still haven’t heard a word back from Canada Post.”

The individual shared a screenshot of their tracked package, which showed the item being picked up in Chesterfield Inlet Nov. 24 and still “in transit” as of Feb. 2.

“Even when I go check the local post office, they say they’ve sent it and request us to check with the Kivalliq main hub, which is based in Rankin Inlet,” said the resident, who went on to say how ridiculous it was that packages sent from Nunavut take so long to get anywhere, whereas packages from the south get up North far more quickly.

Rankin Inlet Mayor Harry Towtongie noted how Covid-19 seems to be turning things on and off all the time, and said, “We are getting so good at being patient.”

Kivalliq News reached out to Canada Post when the Rankin Inlet office was closed for two days Jan. 27 and 28.

Valérie Chartrand, media relations worker with Canada Post, said that closure was “due to Covid-19 cleaning protocols and employee isolation, as directed by public health.”

The post office went on to open Feb. 1 and 2 for customers to access their postal boxes only, and then on Feb. 3 to also pick up parcels from the counter.

“We recognize the difficulties facing residents of Rankin Inlet,” Chartrand stated. “We are working hard to keep the post office operating and open as it faces various challenges as seen across the territory, such as weather and staffing issues related Covid-19. We will continue to provide updates as information becomes available. We appreciate our customers’ understanding and cooperation during this time and thank them for staying patient and keeping the post office friendly.”

Kivalliq News followed up by asking if Canada Post would bolster staffing and resources at the Rankin Inlet outlet or any of the Kivalliq facilities to avoid this problem in the future. As of publication deadline, Canada Post had not responded.

However, it seemed sentiment had change by the weekend. Canada Post opened on Sunday, Feb. 6, for full services, which was met with many thanks on Facebook.

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  1. What can you do with tiny planes that bridges through every other community before it reaches final destination, holding airline fright cargo, passenger and luggage, local stores produce, and then mail. Did I forget to mention, not just for one community but bridging through other ones along the way. We need a secure transportation that can carry and deliver upon demand without further dalay.

  2. I totally agree with ‘Postal Clerk’. I first moved from southern Ontario to Baker Lake Nunavut, back then in 1968 was N.W.T. I was flown in on a DC3 plane Passengers on one side, cargo, some food, bags(s) of parcels & mail strapped in on the other Once we left Churchill Manitoba we stopped at 4 communities before arriving at Baker Lake, at each stop unloading & loading more cargo & mail At the time I thought, with this being a passenger flight, no wonder there is so little area for all this cargo Even back then when a larger DC4 plane was used there was never enough room for all the cargo & mail going north to several communities This problem of lack of & slow mail delivery has been going on for years!! The cost to mail parcels & mail going to Nunavut is very high compared to going to the rest of Canada This extra cost should facilitate a better system put in place where cargo & mail are sent on one seperate plane or passengers & mail go on one seperate plane!
    Also, I read Rankin Inlet Nunavut & several other northern communities, have only a couple of people working at Canada Post to serve customers leaving no time or employees to sort mail & packages being piled up in P.O. back room storage. I worked at Canada Post in Churchill Manitoba. I was ONLY hired to unload bags of mail, sort them into local mail & each community’s mail. I did not work the counter Being Can Post is a gov’t job, the wage was good & I also received a northern allowance added to my cheque
    It has been noted Canada Post IS WELL AWARE of the problems THEY ARE CAUSING in the northern communities due to lack of employees causing delays in mail access & uncalled for distress being put upon their employees, therefore resignations. Canada Post should be hiring more employees in each northern community specifically to sort mail instead of having it piled up and backlogged As I stated, Canada Post is owned & operated by the Government of Canada. I worked for NWT government & Federal Government. I know government workers in the north get paid higher wages, get lower rents & other subsidies. I believe the Federal Gov’t & the Gov’t of Nunavut can afford to show respect to northern communities by hiring at least 4 workers or more in each community at their post offices & pay them standard government wages

    My son lives in Rankin Inlet Nunavut His vehicle insurance papers took 8 wks to come from Iqaluit Nunavut These are very important documents that should not have veen delayed

    Even when I paid $14 to send a very light bag of balloons from southern Ontario to him, it took over a month to arrive Even paying for a $20 express shipping box did not get there any quicker His Father’s Day card, his Birthday card & even a post card, costing regular postage, took more than a month to arrive. I thought it is airline delaying problems & maybe weather problems but since this is an ongoing problem, but after reading many other reports, I realize it is CANADA POST CAUSING THE PROBLEMS from the beginning

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