The planned liquor plebiscite in Kugluktuk is set to go on May 16 with advance voting to take place on May 9, announced the Nunavut minister of finance Lorne Kusugak on April 27.

This was in response to a petition received by Kugluktuk residents requesting a plebiscite. They will vote on whether or not to keep the existing system of unrestricted liquor or to replaced it with a restricted system.

The limits proposed are 1.775 litres of spirits (one 60-once bottle), 17.04 litres of beer (48 355 ml cans) or 3.75 litres of wine (five 750 ml bottles) every 14 days.

If at least 60 per cent of voters vote yes, then the system will be changed to restricted, if more than 40 per cent of the votes cast are no, then the unrestricted system will remain in place.

Nunavut’s department of finance will be holding a public meeting in Kugluktuk on May 4, at the community hall from 6 to 9 p.m.

Residents are invited to join and discuss the possible changes to the current community liquor system.

For more information about the upcoming meeting, residents are advised to contact or call 867-222-9705.

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