Justice Minister George Hickes announced on June 9 that David Lawson has been hired as the GN’s second director of forfeiture. The territory’s new Unlawful Property Forfeiture Act came into effect on April 1.

Lawson, who hails from Pangnirtung, is a recent graduate of the Nunavut Law Program and is a former RCMP officer.

“David’s background and skills make him uniquely suited for the work of this office, and we look forward to seeing what he will do in this important role,” Hickes said. “This act creates an important tool to address criminality in Nunavut and I look forward to the positive impact the office will have under the leadership of its new director.”

The new office, based in Iqaluit, is designed to seize the proceeds of crime. It will rely heavily on referrals from the RCMP, which will sometimes be based on tips from the public.

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  1. David, please, please direct some of the resources you acquire towards preventing social issues rather than trying to fix those who have broken, often unsuccessfully.
    Respectfully Coach Jan

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