The sickness and eventual death of a dog following a presumed fox attack in Whale Cove led to suspicion of rabies, according to a May 17 news release from the Department of Health.

The dog has been sent for rabies testing, and the department is advising residents of a recent increase of fox activity in the community.

“Due to the danger of rabies, we advise all residents to be on the lookout for foxes in the area,” stated Danarae Sommerville, communications specialist, in the news release.

Anyone who has been bitten or scratched by a fox or dog should go to the local health centre and report the incident immediately.

Treatment must be started quickly after exposure, as rabies infections are almost always fatal.

Fox or wolf sightings near the community should be reported to 867-896-9189 and anyone who has made contact with a fox or wolf should call the regional environmental health officer at 867-645-8071.

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