A dog suspected of rabies in Rankin Inlet was euthanized Wednesday, Nov. 23.

The dog resided at one of the 10-plex units near the healing facility and was displaying symptoms of the virus when it was euthanized by bylaw.

Due to the danger of rabies, residents who may have had contact with this dog should be examined at the health centre.

“Anyone who has been bitten or scratched or had close contact with this dog should go to the local health centre and report the incident immediately,” wrote the Department of Health in a news release Thursday, Nov. 24.

Domestic animals that spend time tied up outdoors should be monitored for a change in behaviour and signs of rabies, which include behaving strangely, staggering, frothing at the mouth, choking and making strange noises.

Pet owners who believe their pet had contact with this dog should contact the regional environmental health officer at 867-645-8071.

UPDATE: The Department of Health stated Dec.2 that this dog tested negative for rabies.

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