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Easter Games come with crabs

Residents come out for Whale Cove activities
Arctic lyre crabs, seen here during Easter Games in Whale Cove, are a relative of the snow crab. Photo courtesy of Pallulaaq Ford

Easter weekend games in Whale Cove saw a packed gym, games on the ice and some impressive crab hauls.

On the first day of games, participants in the crab-jigging contest used socks with fish inside or dish racks with bait, letting the lines down to the bottom below the sea ice and pulling them up every 10 minutes or so.

They were catching Arctic lyre crab, an edible relative of snow crabs.

After catching crabs, participants filled up the gym for games, followed by church service and a square dance.

Gordon Jr. Okalik, recreation director for the Hamlet of Whale Cove, said Easter Sunday games included rabbit hunting on the ice, target shooting and men’s open class drag racing, with the evening seeing more games and a square dance at the gym.

On Monday, a ladies 600-class drag race held centre stage, with cod fishing in the afternoon.

“Later in the evening we tried having a movie night for the kids,” said Okalik. “It didn’t turn out as we wished, as kids weren’t listening, so we had to let them go.”

That said, he’s glad with how the events turned out and plans to prepare more for next time.

Sheufly Ford proudly holds an Arctic lyre crab. Photo courtesy of Pallulaaq Ford
Joleen Adjuk and daughter Arnauviq take in Easter activities in Whale Cove. Photo courtesy of Pallulaaq Ford