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Family demands excavation near gravesite stops immediately

Hamlet makes no comment
Adele Angidlik shows where some of the work is taking place near the gravesite of Joachim Angidlik in Rankin Inlet. The family is concerned the buffer zone is not being maintained or adequate enough, and they are worried about damage to the site. Photo courtesy of Ada Angidlik

UPDATE: The hamlet and the Angidlik family came to an agreement that the work will not cross the current 191-metre threshold, said Meagan Angidlik on Thursday, June 8.

A family in Rankin Inlet issued public pleas for excavation work to stop at the sand pit across First Landing Lake.

Meagan Angidlik started an online petition, which has more than 500 signatures, sounding an alarm that excavation work was getting “dangerously close” to her grandfather Joachim Angidlik’s gravesite.

“This is a campsite for my family and has been for generations,” she wrote in the petition.

In previous communication with the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet, Angidlik said the hamlet committed to a 50-metre buffer zone between the work and the gravesite. However, Angidlik believes that buffer is not being respected, and she’s asking now for a 200-metre buffer to avoid any further disturbance to the gravesite.

“The terrain where the gravesite is located is unstable and eroding,” wrote Angidlik. “By continuing with this excavating project, it could cause damage to the gravesite, and our family’s access to our cabins. My grandfather’s intentions were to rest in this place, and when the time comes my grandmother Adele Kumaruag will also rest beside him.”

She urged the issue to be addressed immediately, saying the urgency of it seemed not to be a concern to the hamlet of Rankin Inlet.

Darren Flynn, senior administrative officer of the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet, told Kivalliq News June 2 the hamlet was working on the issue but at that time had no comment for the media. He predicted being in a position to speak to the subject after press deadline for this paper the following week, which Kivalliq News will follow up on.