A fashion show to raise some money took place on Monday, Dec. 12 at the National Arts Centre for Nunavut Sivuniksavut (NS) students in Ottawa.

The evening started with NS students presenting various songs in Inuktitut and English. The students also competed in some Arctic games, such as the leg wrestle and the knuckle hop.

Through the night, three designers presented their fashion lines on the runway: Adrienne Aliyak, InukChick and Victoria’s Arctic Fashion.

Musicians entertained the crowd in between the models walking the runways. Meeka Kakudluk played the accordion and the Trade Offs also took the stage, performing some songs they had just released on their latest album, Let Go, Give In, Fall Down.

NS executive director Lynn Kilabuk says, “This was NS’s first fundraising fashion show at the National Arts Centre. We raised $10,772.55!”

When asked if more events like this one would be organized in the future, Kilabuk replied that “Hopefully each year it can be decided.”

“I would like to thank National Arts Centre and Taking It Global for sponsoring,” she added.

ᐊᓐᓄᕌᓂᑦ ᑕᑯᔭᒐᖃᖅᑎᑦᑎᓚᐅᖅᐳᑦ ᓇᒃᑲᔾᔭᒥ, ᑎᓯᐱᕆ 12-ᒥ ᑲᓇᑕᒥ ᑕᑯᒥᓇᖅᑐᓕᕆᕕᒻᒥ ᓄᓇᕗᑦ ᓯᕗᓂᒃᓴᕗᒻᒥ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑎᓄᑦ ᐋᑐᕚᒥ.

ᐅᓐᓄᒃᑯᑦ ᐱᒋᐊᓚᐅᖅᑐᑦ ᓄᓇᕗᑦ ᑐᙵᕕᒃᑯᑦ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑎᖏᓐᓂᒃ ᐊᔾᔨᒌᙱᑦᑐᓂᒃ ᐃᙱᖅᖢᑎᒃ ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᐊᒻᒪ ᖃᓪᓗᓈᑐᑦ. ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑏᑦ ᐱᙳᐊᖃᑕᐅᓚᐅᕐᒥᔪᑦ ᐅᑭᐅᖅᑕᖅᑐᒥ ᐱᓐᖑᐊᕐᓂᐅᔪᓂᒃ, ᓲᕐᓗ ᓂᐅᖏᑦ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᑲᑭᖅᑯᐊᑦ.

ᐅᓐᓄᐊᒃᑯᑦ, ᐱᖓᓱᑦ ᐊᓐᓄᕋᔾᔨᐅᖅᑏᑦ ᑐᓂᓯᓚᐅᖅᑐᑦ ᐊᓐᓄᕌᓂᑦ ᒥᕝᕕᖕᒥᑦ: ᐊᐃᑐᕆᐊᓐ ᐊᓕᔭᖅ, ᐃᓄᒃᑳᒃ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᕕᒃᑐᐊᕆᐊ ᐅᑭᐅᖅᑕᖅᑐᒥ ᐊᓐᓄᕌᖏᑦ.

ᓂᔾᔭᐅᓯᔭᖅᑏᑦ ᑕᑯᕋᓐᓈᖅᑎᑦᑎᓚᐅᖅᑐᑦ ᐃᓄᒋᐊᓂᑦ ᐊᑯᓐᓂᖏᓐᓂᑦ ᐱᓱᑦᑐᑦ ᒥᕝᕕᒻᒥᑦ. ᒦᑲ ᖃᖁᓪᓗᒃ ᐱᓐᖑᐊᖃᑕᐅᓚᐅᖅᑐᖅ ᐊᒻᒪᓗ ᑕᐃᒃᑯᐊ ᑕᐅᖅᓰᖃᑦᑕᐅᑎᔪᑦ ᐱᓐᖑᐊᖃᑕᐅᓚᐅᕐᒥᔪᑦ, ᐃᙱᖅᑐᑎᒃ, ᐃᙱᖅᑐᑎᒃ, ᓂᔾᔭᐅᑎᒥᓂᒃ ᐃᙱᖅᑐᑎᒃ, ᐊᑏ, ᑐᓂᓯᓪᓗᑎᒃ, ᐅᑭᐊᔅᓵᒃᑯᑦ.

NS-ᑯᑦ ᓯᕗᓕᖅᑎᖓᑦ ᓕᓐ ᕿᓚᕝᕙᖅ ᐅᖃᓚᐅᖅᑐᖅ, “ᑖᓐᓇ NS-ᑯᑦ ᓯᕗᓪᓕᖅᐹᒥ ᑮᓇᐅᔭᓂᒃ ᐱᕈᖅᓴᐃᓂᕐᒧᑦ ᑕᑯᒃᓴᐅᑎᑦᑎᓂᖓ ᑲᓇᑕᒥ ᓴᓇᐅᒐᖃᕐᕕᖓᓂ. $10,772.55-ᓂᒃ ᐱᕈᖅᓴᐃᓚᐅᖅᑐᒍᑦ!”

ᐊᐱᕆᔭᐅᖕᒪᑕ ᖃᓄᐃᓕᐅᒃᑲᓐᓂᖅᑐᖃᒃᑲᓐᓂᕐᓂᐊᕐᒪᖔᑦ ᑕᐃᒪᐃᑦᑐᖅᑎᑐᑦ ᐋᖅᑭᒃᓱᖅᑕᐅᓇᔭᖕᒪᖔᑦ ᓯᕗᓂᑦᑎᓐᓂᑦ, ᕿᓚᕝᕙᖅ ᑭᐅᓚᐅᖅᑐᖅ “ᐊᕐᕌᒍᑕᒫᑦ ᐋᖅᑭᒃᑕᐅᔪᓐᓇᖕᒪᑦ.”

“ᖁᔭᓐᓇᒦᕈᒪᕙᕋ ᑲᓇᑕᒥ ᓴᓇᐅᒐᖃᕐᕕᒃ ᐊᒻᒪ ᓄᓇᕐᔪᐊᕐᒥᐅᓄᑦ ᐃᑲᔪᓚᐅᕐᓂᖏᓐᓄᑦ,” ᐅᖃᖅᖢᓂ.

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