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Fire causes minor damage to Iqaluit’s Akausisarvik Facility

Damaged part of building already under repair
As of Oct. 20, the damage to the Akausisarvik Mental Health Facility was already under repair. Trevor Wright/NNSL photo

At around 8 a.m. on Oct. 19, Iqaluit Emergency Services responded to a fire at the Akausisarvik Mental Health Facility (the old boarding home), beside Inuksuk High School.

Firefighters found the exterior of the building on fire and quickly extinguished it, the only damage was a small hole in the building was made and minimal damage to the window on the second floor. No injuries to staff or the public were reported.

On the afternoon of Oct. 20 the damage to the building was already being repaired.

The City would like to remind people that after smoking, any butts should be placed in a designated butt can or a disposal unit. Butts from smoking should not be thrown to the ground, as they pollute land and waterways and can easily spark a fire if they land on dry or flammable materials.