Rankin Inlet held its first ever Pride parade in support of the LGBTQ2S+ community on June 19.

Approximately 25 people showed up to this year’s march, including several members of Rankin’s queer community.

Belinda Ugjuk and her sister Terri Nordman organized the march.

Although neither of the women is part of the LGBTQ2S+ community, they both consider themselves allies.

“I really wanted to support my family and friends who are LGBTQ2S+ to have space to be who they are and awareness of equality, love and acceptance,” Ugjuk told Kivalliq News.

The parade was Ugjuk’s second attempt at organizing an event in solidarity with the queer community. Although she and her children were the only ones who took part last year, it was a start.

“Last year with the pandemic, a friend of mine mentioned there was a virtual walk online and you could send donations,” she said.

“My sister and her daughter have been in the Pride parade in Winnipeg before and I always wanted to join with her but was never able to be in Winnipeg during the parade. So that brings us to last year when we and our children walked around town with our rainbows and music.

“This year we announced on Facebook a few days in advance and my sister was getting messages from people wanting to join in! We were so happy. As we were walking, more people also joined in,” said Ugjuk.

Nordman said there were also members of the local LGBTQ2S+ community who were unable to attend.

“Any of my local friends who are in the rainbow were not able to make it because they were out of town that day,” she said.

Both Ugjuk and Nordman said they hoped to see support for the march grow next year.

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