A fox attacked a dog in Chesterfield Inlet, prompting the Government of Nunavut to issue an advisory to be on the lookout for aggressive foxes in the area.

“If you have been bitten or scratched by a fox or a dog, go to the health centre and report the incident immediately,” stated the GN in a news release.

“Treatment must be started quickly after exposure, as rabies infections are almost always fatal.”

The fox in Chesterfield Inlet was killed and sent for rabies testing. The dog was vaccinated for rabies and is currently under quarantine.

Domestic animals tied up outdoors should be monitored for changes in behaviour and signs of rabies.

All residents should be on the lookout for foxes in the community.

Anyone who sees a fox or wolf wandering around the community, or if a dog has had contact with a fox or wolf, should call the regional environmental health officer at 867-645-6660 or conservation officer at 867-222-0330.

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