A fox attack against two dogs resulted in the death of all three animals and the incident has spurred a warning to Sanikiluaq residents about aggressive foxes in the community.

“Due to the danger of rabies, we advise all residents to be on the lookout for foxes in the area,” the Department of Health stated on Wednesday, but revealed no other details about the violent encounter between the animals.

Anyone bitten or scratched by a fox or a dog is urged to go to the health centre and report it immediately.

Quick treatment is essential because rabies infections are commonly fatal, according to the Department of Health.

Animals that exhibit signs of rabies — such as strange behaviour, staggering, frothing at the mouth, choking or making strange noises — should be avoided and reported to the regional environmental health officer at 867-645-6660 or a conservations officer at 867-975-1104.

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