A fox has transmitted rabies to a dog in Iqaluit, making the dog begin to act aggressively, according to the Department of Health.

The dog, a white husky around six months old, was confirmed to have the rabies virus through testing, the department stated in a news release on Friday morning.

The animal was known to be frequently off leash, wandering loose in lower Iqaluit and around the beachfront.

Anyone who had contact with a dog matching that description between Dec. 13 to Dec. 28 is urged to go to Qikiqtani General Hospital immediately and report the incident. Early treatment is crucial as rabies is often fatal.

Dog owners should monitor their animals for changes in behaviour and signs of rabies, which include frothing at the mouth, staggering, choking or making strange noises. Any such instances should be reported to the regional environmental health office or a conservation officer.

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