Full-vaccinated travellers will no longer be required to isolate before entering Nunavut or after arriving in the territory as of June 14, Nunavut’s chief public health officer Dr. Michael Patterson announced on the morning of June 7.

However, fully-vaccinated parents travelling with children who are not vaccinated still must isolate.

“Current evidence shows that fully vaccinated individuals are less likely to acquire andtransmit the virus, and we are confident that removing the isolation requirements for this group represent a low risk for COVID-19 introduction in Nunavut,” Patterson said. “In order to further mitigate the risks of introduction for the time being, those travelling with non-vaccinated individuals will still be required to isolate prior to entering the territory.”

A full vaccination is in effect two weeks after receiving a second dose of the vaccine.

Other public health measures are still applicable to fully-vaccinated individuals.

“Nunavummiut have worked hard following all the public health measures, and the COVID vaccines have added enough protection to allow us to take this step,” said Premier Joe Savikataaq. “I’m very happy that we are able to move into this next phase of living with COVID, and I encourage all eligible Nunavummiut to get their vaccine if they haven’t


Fully-vaccinated travellers, including those currently staying at one of Nunavut’s southern isolation hubs, can apply for an isolation exemption by submitting a form to vaccineexemptions@gov.nu.ca

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  1. Why not kids with parent like every other province and territory. Government of Nunavut must find some way to hurt the people with small kids but for 16 months they let in all those so call essential workers . That’s how the citizens of Nunavut get treated

  2. This is outrageous forcing children living in Nunavut to get the vaccination! The vaccine does not mean you will not get Covid. Recent reports have indicated that children were experiencing heart murmurs after receiving the vaccine. Are our health centres equipped to deal with this if it happens?

    1. You must really try harder to comprehend what you are reading.

      No one is forcing children to do anything… no one is forcing their parents/guardians to do anything either.

      What the above article brings out is that THOSE WHO CARE ABOUT OTHERS are now free to travel with fewer restrictions. While those who don’t give a $H!% about the health of their community, family, and neighbors, will continue to be RESTRICTED IN SPREADING THE PLAGUE THAT HAS KILLED almost 4 MILLION people around the world !

      There are only 2 kinds of people in this world…. those who value life… and then there’s the ignorant whiners who can’t see past their own inconvenience.

      In the time it took you to complain about this post.. you could have gotten your vaccine shot and saved a life…

      From today till the rest of our days… everyone who got their shots in the first 6 months of 2021, should get a mark on their ID’s that lets them move up in line past all those without one in restaurants, movie theaters, lines at Tim Hortons. On Child Tax and Seniors day… everyone with their shots should get their deposits one week earlier than those who don’t care about killing other people with the disease.

      The taxes we pay, those of us who got our shots at the first opportunity should be lower since we saved so much $$ from having to be spent on more sick people infected with Covid-19… Not raising taxes for those who didn’t, just lower it for those who did… those who got the economy started back up that much sooner, those who didn’t let this plague drag on and on… and on for years.

      And if you don’t get vaccinated by 2022… and you get Covid-19, that should NOT be a condition you can seek medical attention for in any Canadian medical facility. Like a criminal who goes around shooting people. they get pulled from society (put in prison).. and they can’t enjoy a restaurant, a movie theater or a Boston cream donut at Timmies.

      As for heart murmurs… I’ll take a live child with a heart murmer over a DEAD child any day… when you start comparing a 1 in 10,000 chance of severe bad reaction to a 300 in 10,000 chance of DEATH…. you are a complete fool and should be banned from any social media platform which allows your oppinion to be recorded and made available for others to stumble into and feel depressed that we are the same species.

      OK… before I go too far…

      I think I’ve made it clear

      Vaccine – Alive – is Good
      No Vaccine – Dead – is Bad

      If you feel offended because you resemble some part of this comment… you should be ! Now go get your shot.. and you’ll stop being offended immediately.

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