The price of gasoline will increase by eight cents per litre across the territory as of Sunday, Feb. 6, the Government of Nunavut announced on Wednesday.

All diesel products will also cost an extra eight cents per litre, plus applicable taxes. Jet fuel will go up by nine cents per litre.

The base price for gasoline in all communities outside of Iqaluit will be 92 cents per litre as of Feb. 6, according to the GN. On top of that, the Nunavut excise tax accounts for 6.4 cents, the federal exise tax equals 10 cents, the GST adds 4.4 cents and the carbon tax makes a difference of 8.8 cents. Nunavut, however, gets 5.6 cents refunded through a carbon tax rebate. In total, the retail price will then be $1.18 for communities outside of Iqaluit.

“These increases reflect rising costs on world crude oil markets,” the GN stated in a news release. “Nunavut remains one of the lowest cost jurisdictions in Canada with respect to fuel products.”

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