Gerri Sharpe was officially elected as president of Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada March 10 at the organization’s AGM, after acting as interim president since Feb. 24. The announcement came March 15.

Elected onto Pauktuutit to represent Yellowknife, Sharpe was born in Gjoa Haven but calls the NWT her home. She has served on the Inuvik Transition House for seven yeears, as well as spending time on the Inuvik District Education Authority, the NWT Human Rights Commission and the Beaufort Delta Education Council.

“I hope to be able to fill the big shoes left for me and to support all the work that Pauktuutit is doing. I am honoured by the trust put in me. I am also excited by the work that is ahead of us,” said Sharpe.

“My ambition is to help Pauktuutit have a voice at the leadership tables and to help Inuit women all across Canada,” she adds.

Previously Sharpe spoke to Nunavut News about the challenges still facing Inuit women.

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There has also been movement in other parts of the Pauktuutit board, with Inuvialuit board member Michelle Gruben being elected as secretary-treasurer and Pauletta Tremblett recently coming on board as the director representing Happy Valley-Goose Bay and new interim vice-president.

“I am honoured to be an elected director with Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada. The nomination came from some long-time friends and supporters. When I was nominated to hold the position of interim vice-president, I had some doubt. With gratitude, I recieved encouragement from the Pauktuutit board members that I would be supported within this journey to help other Inuit in Nunangat,” Tremblett said.

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