The Government of Nunavut has issued a total of five fines and tickets to enforce COVID-19 health protocols, according to the minister of Health.

That has amounted to $12,075 in revenues from fines.

One business was ticketed three times for allowing too many customers in its premises. Another business received a single ticket for breaching social distancing and gatherings regulations. Neither of the businesses in question was identified.

One individual who violated a mandatory self-isolation order was fined $575.

From March 18, 2020 to June 1, 2021, there were 321 reported COVID-19 health protocol breaches investigated. Iqaluit was the source of 257 of those complaints. There were 30 reported breaches in Arviat and 10 in Baker Lake. All other Nunavut communities were in the single digits.

To date, 108 warnings have been issued — 97 were verbal while 11 were written.

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  1. What and how is the process for issuing fines to business’s?
    And how are self-isolated people monitored for violations?

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