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Hitting all the right notes as Rankin music festival continues to add to impressive lineup of talent

Jim Ramsay, the man behind the original Jammin’ on the Bay music festival in Rankin Inlet, is gearing-up to present Jammin’ on the Bay Tribute Fest this coming August long weekend. Photo courtesy Ashleigh Still.

The Jammin’ on the Bay Tribute Fest music festival heading to Rankin Inlet this coming August got a major shot in the arm this past week when local company Sarliaq Holdings Ltd. (Richard Connelly and Silu Panniuq) stepped up as platinum sponsors and agreed to sponsor an appearance at the festival by Nunavut icons Northern Haze.

The platinum sponsor list for the festival — $15,000 in kind or cash donation to the event — now includes Sarliaq Holdings Ltd., Calm Air, the Hamlet of Rankin Inlet and Arctic Connection.

Kissarvik Co-op has also come on board as silver sponsors and donated $7,500 to go toward the cost of hotel room accommodations for the performers.

Organizer Jim Ramsay said if any Inuit organization donates to the festival, whatever they do to help sponsor it, will see the money go fully towards Nunavut artists in the form of air fares, per diems, etc.

He said Northern Haze will draw a couple of hundred fans to the show by themselves, which is always a positive.

“They have one song on YouTube that’s hit 91,000 views, so that’s not too bad,” said Ramsay. “Folks seem pretty pumped to have them here again. I’ve had at least 20 or 30 people during the past week asking me if they’re going to come for sure.”

Ramsay said the Jammin’ on the Bay site was launched on Facebook on April 27.

He said all the tribute bands coming to the festival are dressing up and sending video messages to Rankin saying how much they’re looking forward to being here and meeting everyone.

“As we move closer to the festival dates, the sponsors really, dictate what else happens,” he said. “We’re still looking at bringing-up Harlequin or Streetheart, or maybe both, so we may have a few good surprises up our sleeves yet.

“What I have right now, I can afford to do, but we’re hoping to still add a few attractions to the lineup. We have our producer flying in next week to check out everything, including the setup at the new arena.

“In addition to sponsoring Northern Haze, Sarliaq are also looking after all the artist transportation here during the festival, so that’s also a really big help to us. We’re on pace for a pretty good show so far.”

About the Author: Darrell Greer, Local Journalism Initiative

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