The Nunavut Housing Corporation is planning to clean up the mould in 52 housing units in 11 communities in 2022-‘23, Minister Lorne Kusugak informed his colleagues in the Legislative Assembly on March 9.

“This is the largest number of units that we have done in a single year since we began these extensive remediation efforts in 2016,” he said.

If that target is reached, it will represent a 33 per cent increase in the number of remediated units. Since 2016, the housing corp. has serviced 152 units in 14 communities for mould.

“These remediation programs represent considerable effort to work more efficiently to cut costs and move more quickly,” said Kusugak. “Still, prevention remains the cheaper and better solution. If caught early, the most common mould problems can be solved by washing with soap and water … that is why I call on public housing tenants to help us stop mould right in its tracks. Anyone who sees mould in their public housing unit should contact their local housing organization and discuss the options available to remediate the issue.”

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  1. People must learn to keep the house clean..control heat on condensation control..hamlets of Nunavut been giving house cleaning stuffs..wonder if people knows what they are.?

  2. The Kitikmeot Regional office for NHC remediated mould in over 100 homes in 1.5 years from 2019 to 2020 in just their region alone. Maybe it’s time to shut down the Directorate office in Iqaluit and let the Regional Offices run the show, because the people in the Directorate office do nothing but collect massive salaries and organize meetings to plan to do nothing substantial to solve any of the problems.

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