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Idlout calls for investments to help Indigenous women

Nunavut MP says overcrowded housing trapping victims
Nunavut MP Lori Idlout is banging the housing drum to help the circumstances of Indigenous women in the House of Commons. Screenshot from the House of Commons

Nunavut MP Lori Idlout took a moment in the House of Commons to call for greater investment in improving Indigenous women’s safety April 26.

“I cannot name the many Indigenous women who have reached out to me, trying to flee from violence,” said Idlout. “If I did, I would make their already difficult situation even worse. To those who are forced to live with their abusive partners, I say, ‘I hear you.’”

She went on to say that the government needs to hear that these women are forced to live in abusive situations because of the lack of housing, lack of shelters and “the justice system is not protecting them.”

“The government needs to recognize how failures in investing in Indigenous housing leave women living in fear and unable to find safety,” said Idlout.

“I am calling on this government to make much-needed investments now.”

While discussing the federal budget April 21, Idlout had also called out the government for allocating “almost a billion dollars to persuade Indigenous peoples to exploit their lands.”

She said that the inherent rights of Métis, Inuit and First Nations people were being violated.

“I say to the families of the MMIWG, the survivors and families of residential schools, families who were forced off the lands and into settlements and to Indigenous peoples and their lands that were, and continue to be, stolen, that they must protect and defend Indigenous peoples’ lands,” said Idlout.

“To Indigenous peoples who are homeless, living in overcrowded or dilapidated housing conditions, and to all Inuit, First Nations and Métis, I say that too few of MPs will stand up for their rights and I plead with them to protect their rights, speak up and demand justice from their MPs.”