A four-year-old girl in Iglulik was viciously attacked by three dogs on March 31, leaving her with serious facial injuries.

Sharon Mary Kappianaq’s daughter, who is now wearing an eye patch, is still healing from the scary ordeal but seems to be doing better now, according to her mother.

“That’s her right eye. It’s very bad,” Kappianaq wrote on Facebook on April 5, alongside a photo of her child that depicts the extent of the damage done to the girl’s face. Stitched wounds and bruising are visible.

“Thank you all for positive words for us. Please keep praying for her. Thankfully she still alive with me and her twin sister,” Kappianaq added.

She said her father, Bart Hanna Kappianaq, one of the dog catchers in Iglulik, is planning to put down the trio of dogs once he returns from the land, where he’s currently serving as a Canadian Ranger.

Sharon added doesn’t let her kids play outside alone due to the amount of loose dogs around.

“Please know I play out with them daily, this was the first time she went out without me and this incident happened,” she said.

Nunavut News was unable to reach the hamlet’s senior administrative officer for comment as of press time.

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  1. The father/one of the dogcatchers, should not be involved with what happens to the dogs due to conflict of interest.

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