A slim majority of participants in an Iqaluit plebiscite have rejected a brewery’s proposal to sell beer to customers for off-premises consumption.

The “no” vote came in at 51.9 per cent on Oct. 24 compared to 48.1 per cent who voted “yes.”

A 60 per cent approval rate was needed to make the change.

A total of 374 votes were counted with 194 against and 180 voting in favour of the plebiscite, a difference of only 14 ballots.

There was a total voter turnout of 9.18 per cent.

Nunavut Brewing Company Ltd. in Iqaluit will not be permitted to sell beer for customers to take home from its site — beer will still only be available from designated Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission Stores in Iqaluit and Rankin Inlet.

“Community choice is an integral part of our Liquor Act, and this plebiscite allowed Iqalummiut to voice their opinions on the control and sale of liquor in their community. We will support their choice regarding off-premises sales licenses,” said Nunavut Minister of Finance Lorne Kusugak.

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