Iqaluit’s deep sea port is expected to be operational for the 2023 resupply season, announced the Government of Nunavut on Nov. 14.

This is expected to improve the safety and efficiency of local and regional resupply of dry cargo and goods to the region.

Nunavut’s Department of Community and Government Services has formally turned over the port to the Department of Economic Development and Transportation, which will now be facilitating operation plans ahead of the summer resupply.

“With today’s announcement, we have added a key piece of infrastructure to the territory,” said David Joanasie, minister of Community and Government Services.

Federal funding for the port was announced on July 2015 as part of the Provincial-Territorial Infrastructure Component and construction of the project started in July 2018.

“Safe and efficient marine transportation is critical for the North’s economic and social development,” said Dominic LeBlanc, federal minister of Intergovernmental Affairs, Infrastructure and Communities.

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