The City of Iqaluit’s investigation team has found what is believed to be a historical underground fuel spill adjacent to the water treatment plant, located in an “inaccessible, below-ground void,” city hall stated on Tuesday afternoon.

Testing is being done to confirm that this is the source of the hydrocarbons that contaminated the city’s north clear well.

The municipality has reported the spill to the Government of Nunavut and has hired a professional firm to manage and remove the contaminants.

In addition, the city’s engineers are developing a site remediation plan.

Iqaluit’s drinking water crisis has been ongoing since Oct. 12.

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  1. How many inuks gonna get jobs? Tell news services not to be scared of inuit and quit getting only white peoples opinions, or do inuit opinions not matter that they gotta interview the white person in an all inuit family?LOL
    Guess inuit dont know enough FRENCH in INUIT CAPITOL!

  2. What do they mean by “Historical” fuel spill? Was it known of and documented? Or do they just mean a fuel spill that’s been there and collected in a certain spot, for a prolonged amount of time, without anyone knowing about it until it’s discovery? I believe the Hamlet should be held accountable for neglecting leaks, if this is either of the case.

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