The City of Iqaluit is once again issuing a full water rebate for residents for the month of November, much like they did for the previous month due to residents being under a Do Not Consume Advisory. The advisory was lifted on Dec. 10.

The motion was introduced by councillor John Fawcett during the Dec. 14 City Council meeting. It wasn’t without its disagreements this time around, however, with councillor Kyle Sheppard voting against the motion in favor of a 50 per cent rebate for the month of November.

“Water being used for other things other than consumption was still happening in our community,” he said, noting sewage is also included in the City’s water bills, “there’s no guarantees the Government of Nunavut is going to cover the full cost borne by the City.”

Sheppard warned against further depleting the city’s water fund, adding it may impact Iqaluit’s future ability to participate in funding opportunities and its ability to participate in funding structures with the territorial and federal governments.

“I humbly disagree,” said Fawcett, saying it was an emergency Iqalummiut had to adapt to.

“I think it’s the City’s responsibility give this benefit to the citizens because we did ask them to do multiple things during this time. Nobody planned for this, the city didn’t plan for it,” he added.

The motion for another full rebate was passed with only Sheppard voting against.

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