Iqaluit Mayor Kenny Bell got into a fight outside one of the city’s grocery stores, according to a post on his Facebook account.

Bell was approached by a man on Friday who told him, “I want to fight you,” the post reads.

Then the individual allegedly hit him in the chest.

“I popped him in the jaw with a left, he did the stanky leg and then ran away,” is how the mayor’s social media account describes the incident. “It happened super fast, no idea who the guy was, never seen him before in my life.”

He went on to add that he hopes “it doesn’t happen to anyone else, and yes something has to be done about the people just hanging around outside our stores causing these unprovoked and random attacks. Hopefully we can get them the help they need.”

Bell couldn’t be reached immediately for comment.

This post from Iqaluit Mayor Kenny Bell’s Facebook page on Friday afternoon describes a physical altercation he allegedly engaged in with another man outside a grocery store. Facebook screen capture

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  1. So you punched a guy hanging around the store who needed help? Thats kinda strange you would post it…hopefully we can get you help so you don’t punch people that need help!

    1. Ever tried to “help” someone who was actively trying to fight you? Sounds like he had it coming.

    2. Actually Susan, the story reads that someone walked up to him for no reason and punched him in the chest. If someone does that to you, your inclination is to say, “How can I help you?” If that’s your inclination, then the other guy’s inclination might be to follow through with his threat of further violence. We don’t know what happened, but if it happened according to the mayor’s post, the mayor might have posted this as a proactive measure to prevent this feller from developing some kind of narrative different from the way the mayor recounted the story.

    3. Hey Susan, try reading the article. Its kinda strange you would post that. Hopefully you can get some literacy assistance so you can understand articles on the internet.

    4. He also punched a woman in the face, leaving her a scar. AND, he could have kept it to himself instead of bragging about it on social media…if it’s true. Two sides to every story folks!

  2. Susan, I’m not sure if your comment was left in good faith, but I’ll respond accordingly. The random guy hit the mayor first. He “popped him in the jaw with a left” in an act of self-defense. This is a 100% proper reaction even if the person who initiated the hostile action needed help. It is also basic human decency to be concerned for the man’s well-being after the dust has settled.

  3. He punched a guy who assaulted him (punched the mayor in the chest) and who had previous stated an intent to fight him. It’s self defense. Not some bleeding heart moment where the guy was begging for help.

  4. No Susan, according to the article, he punched a guy hanging around the store who told him, “I want to fight you” and then punched him in the chest.

  5. The man assaulted him Susan, please read the article before you post. The Mayor only punched him once, the guy was lucky the Mayor didn’t lay a beat down on him and put him in the hospital.

  6. The mayor should have tried to simply push the guy away look for a civil resolution it is clear that the mayor does not understand the mental health issues in iqaluit the mayor comments demonstrate the deepening divide between have and have nots in iqaluit the boasting post is clear indication of his immaturity and lack of competance Council must investigate the incident with no bias

    1. A man should not put his hands on anyone no matter what, there are all kinds of mental health issues in the south too. When someone is pushed or provoked, then they need to except the consequences, that’s the real world. If this incident happened in the south, the man could have ended up getting a lot more than a punch in the jaw.

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