On Dec. 21, S/Cst. (Special Constable) Mosesie Ikkidluak, stationed in Iqaluit was charged with three offences of sexual assault.

The range of charges occurred in the territorial capital from 2008 to Sept. 2021. This happened while Ikkidluak was off-duty, according to the RCMP.

“The conduct of police officers is paramount in maintaining the trust of the communities they serve,” said V Division Commanding Officer Amanda Jones.

“The criminal charges laid are very serious. These allegations do not reflect the integrity of our individual members nor does it represent what we stand for as a police service,” she added.

The RCMP stated no further information will be disclosed at this time.

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  1. So we have no problem and are ready to act, to charge and name Inuit people who commit sexual assault however when it comes to naming and charging the adults representing RELIGIOUS orders/ organizations, who have committed sexual assaults on Inuit children by the thousands, who by the way grew up, oh well. No. THAT”S different. If you’re going to charge, denounce and name Inuit people now adult, you best make sure you do the same for the adults who abused them as children AND GOT AWAY WITH IT and STILL TODAY, before going on about how deplorable and intolerable these current crimes are, without addressing their ORIGIN. How about that for starters!!! Colonialism at its finest, that acts like it doesn’t know a thing or where to look when shown, but 1000% on board to throw the Indigenous underneath the bus to shoulder everything.

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