Iqalummiut are reporting the return of a fuel smell coming from their tap water, with residents taking to social media to report a diesel smell in the 100, 2700, 4100 and 5000 blocks of the city.

The City of Iqaluit announced that it is aware of the reports.

Residents are being asked to inform the municipality of any fuel odour by calling the City of Iqaluit’s Water Quality Hotline at 867-979-5603. On-call staff will be contacted and collect water samples for testing.

As a result of the city’s Covid-19 protocols, samples will be taken from the nearest access vault in the water distribution system.

These reports of a fuel smell in the water come on the heels of a water emergency in which the city was under a “do not consume advisory” for tap water for nearly two months after hydrocarbons were found in the water mid-October. That advisory ended on Dec. 10.

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