Iqalummiut are still being advised not to drink tap water due to risk of contamination.

By late next week, the chief public health officer (CPHO) expects to be able to determine whether the “do not consume” advisory can be lifted, based on a third-party assessment of the City of Iqaluit’s investigation report. The municipality submitted that report to the CPHO on Thursday.

The third party — unnamed by the Department of Health — will do a site investigation as well as a risk assessment review.

In the meantime, city residents are reminded not to drink tap water or use it for cooking, even if boiled or put through a filter.

Water can still be used for showers and bathing and for laundry.

The City of Iqaluit has designated sites where Iqalummiut can pick up safe drinking water.

The city’s water crisis began on Oct. 12. The municipality announced on Oct. 26 that a historical fuel spill was discovered underground near the water treatment plant, but testing had to be done to determine whether it was the source of contamination.

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