Vaccinated parents travelling with unvaccinated children or those accompanied by other unvaccinated dependents can now return to Nunavut without having to stay in an isolation hub, the chief public health officer announced on Friday.

Upon return to the territory, vaccinated parents and guardians won’t be required to isolate. However, they will be responsible for ensuring that their unvaccinated children or other dependents complete 14 days of isolation in the household. That means no visitors for those in isolation and the unvaccinated individuals cannot leave the premises, except for emergencies. Those who violate the isolation regulations can face a $575 fine.

No approval is needed from public health to resume normal activities at the end of the isolation perioad.

“With no current outbreaks in Nunavut and vaccination rates increasing, it’s time to further adjust isolation restrictions,” said Dr. Michael Patterson. “As a next step, unvaccinated dependents who travel with their vaccinated parents or guardians may travel to Nunavut without isolating in southern Canada first.”

Vaccinated parents or guardians must complete the vaccinated travelers declaration form at All dependents travelling with the guardian at any given time must be listed and the completed form submitted to Once approved, a travel letter that includes the dependents will be issued to the parent or guardian. The letter will be valid for one year. This letter needs to be presented at the check-in counter prior to the return to Nunavut.

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