Jonah Qaunaq has been announced as the winner is the the 2022 Nunavut Quest. The 420 kilometre path took the mushers from Arctic Bay all the way to Iglulik over what was initially expected to be seven days starting on April 18. However due to inclement weather conditions it took the racers an additional two days to complete the trek.

The race had been cancelled twice previously due to the Covid-19 pandemic but it made a triumphant return this year.

Once the racers made it to Iglulik the collective race times were calculated and Qaunaq came in first with 28 hours, 43.55 minutes.

“Congratulations to all that participated, organized and volunteered to make this years race a success,” said Qikiqtaini Inuit Association (QIA) president Olayuk Akesuk. QIA was a sponsor for Nunavut Quest.

QIA sponsorship also included gas and oil support for snowmobile support, food for camps, prize money as well as community feasts in both communities and compensation for those supporting the race, such as timekeepers.

Next years race will be going from Iglulik to Arctic Bay.

Standings and time:

1st Place: Jonah Qaunaq – 28 hours 43.55 minutes

2nd place: David Oyukuluk – 29 hours 43.45 minutes

3rd place: Lee Inuarak – 29 hours 57.25 minutes

4th place: Terry Uyarak – 30 hours 23.20 minutes

5th place: Michael Inuarak – 34 hours 19.30 minutes

6th place: Tom Naqitarvik – 34 hours 30.10 minutes

7th place: Michael Qaunaq – 36 hours 6.55 minutes

8th place: Qiliqti Ivalu – 39 hours 43.12 minutes

9th place: Donovan Qaunaq – 39 hours 58.7 minutes

10th place: Jeremy Koonoo – 43 hours 33.59 minutes

11th place: Andrew Phillip Taqtu – 44 hours 24.25 minutes

12th place: Joshua Haulli – 45 hours 28.20 minutes

Source: Qikiqtani Inuit Association

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