Baker Lake is reeling after a fire destroyed the community’s daycare on the eve of the first day of school.

Police and the fire department in Baker Lake were called at 2:30 am on Aug. 17, according to the RCMP’s communications department.

Baker Lake resident Freddie Oovayuk recorded a video — posted to Facebook — showing the destructive blaze as firefighters responded to put it out.

Oovayuk told Kivalliq News he went to check out the fire after seeing someone post about it on social media around 2 a.m.

By the time he got to the scene, fire crews were arriving to put out the blaze. That’s when he decided he should film what has happening.

“As soon as I saw the flames I knew I had to go live,” he said.

Oovayuk said the fire appeared to be coming from the porch outside the daycare.

“As soon as I saw the flames knew something was fishy cause it was on the outside pouch,” he said.

RCMP said the incident is under investigation and the detachment is unable to provide further details at this time.

Based on the video Oovayuk posted, the firefighters appeared to get the most intense flames under control in about five minutes.

Although the building is still standing, it remains to be revealed how much damage it sustained following the fire.

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