Editor’s note: This story contains graphic details that may be disturbing to some readers.

A man who coerced a female friend into having sex as punishment for her allegedly stealing liquor from his home has been sent to jail for 30 months.

Solomon Idlout was found guilty on Oct. 21 of breaking and entering a home and committing sexual assault. He was sentenced on Dec. 20.

A 36-year-old resident of Resolute Bay, Idlout confronted the victim, a longtime acquaintance of his, at her home on May 14, 2019 after entering illegally. He woke her from her sleep and accused her of taking a 60-ounce bottle of Smirnoff vodka from his residence when she was recently visiting.

Although two of the woman’s children were in the house, he gave the victim a choice between being beat up by his spouse or having sex with him. The victim rejected both options, but later agreed to intercourse with him as long as he wore a condom.

However, judge Alan Ingram noted that the Criminal Code of Canada does not allow for consent when the victim submits due to threats or fear of force.

The offender is a father to five children, ranging in age from eight months to 12 years.

His criminal record comprises break, enter and theft in 2003; impaired driving in 2012; possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose in 2017; and possession of a weapon and assault in 2018.

During his time in pre-trial custody at the Makigiarvik Correctional Centre in Iqaluit, he completed the Inside Out program, which addresses personal issues, and Alternatives to Violence.

He was also given passes to advance his mechanic’s training in the community, as well as to be part of a crew of workers tackling municipal projects.

In her victim impact statement, the woman expressed her anger relating to the crime and the “lack of respect” that men have shown her. She sometimes worries about the offender and his partner trying to further harm her.

The Crown prosecutor sought a prison term of four to five years for the offender, before any pre-trial credit was calculated.

Idlout’s lawyer countered that the year that his client had already spent in jail awaiting the outcome of his trial was sufficient punishment.

Ingram found Idlout’s planning with his spouse prior to committing the offence to be an aggravating factor because it showed that the sexual assault was pre-meditated.

In applying the 30 month sentence, the judge stated that Idlout would be credited for the 382 days he had already spent in jail before his court case concluded. That translates in 573 days with the legal system’s 1.5 days of credit in such circumstances. It means Idlout, at the time of sentencing in December, had 327 more days remaining on his sentence. A year of probation will follow. He will also be registered for 20 years as a sexual offender and will be prohibited from having firearms for 10 years.

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