Cambridge Bay is losing a chief administrative officer, but the Nunavut Association of Municipalities (NAM) is gaining a new executive director.

Marla Limousin was announced Wednesday as the organization’s successor to Tony Bird. Her term begins on April 1.

“I have been around long enough to have seen NAM change considerably over the years and I am very excited to work with the board to invigorate the organization to the strong role it needs to have in the development of Nunavut,” Limousin stated. “I can’t wait to assist each municipality in meeting the increasing demands on their time and resources. As the territorial voice for Nunavut’s municipal governments, I believe it is our role to support and build strong leaders and strong administrators, so we empower local leaders to build better lives for their community members and collectively we build a more prosperous, livable and sustainable future for Nunavut.In all of the years in the north my guiding principle has always been ‘creating better places.’”

Limousin has a background as a senior administrative officer with multiple Nunavut communities. She has also served as a community planner and consultant in the North.

Kenny Bell, president of NAM, said identifying a new executive director is one of the board’s most important decisions to help the organization create and implement its vision and strategy.

“We were also looking for innovation and Marla certainly has demonstrated that skill in her extensive career in the North,” Bell stated.

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  1. Wow! Such an amazing lady and advocate. NAM, so lucky to have Marla in this role! Excited to see everything that she does:)

  2. Having worked closely with Marla for 6 years has been a real treat, having seen her visions come to light and the changes in the community since then has been inspiring. Cambridge Bay certainly has a lot to offer the community with all its new facilities, its amazing programs and certainly Marla has helped to make this community a better place to live, visit and work. Although we are sad to see her go and the next person certainly has big boots to fill we wish her lots of success in her new endeavour as ED of NAM and thank you for all that you have done for us here in Cambridge Bay.

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