Effective Monday, June 14, masks will be mandatory in all communities in Nunavut.

This change in order is an added layer of protection, following the Nunavut chief public health officer’s decision to allow fully-vaccinated travellers exemption from staying in southern isolation hubs for 14 days.

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The order states masks must be worn in public outdoor spaces where physical distancing can’t be maintained, during indoor gatherings and at work.

Youth taking part in school-based activities and organized sports programs will be exempt from this order.

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  1. This just goes to show that they are trying to get everyone in the world used to taking orders, living scared, separating families and bossing around strangers. What a bunch of nonsense. Im surprised it took this long to his Nunavut.

  2. With numbers and ‘vaccinations’ in the best positions so far and now places that never had a case are being forced?! Probably going to try to stay like this to force people into the freedom shot.

  3. Is where all that covid funding is going? Sounds like they needed to spend it some how or give the money back as not needed. Now they can use the money to pay people to stand like security guards inside all the stores to make sure of mask wearing and distancing. Probably going to send people into communities to do that job and write fines. Just like any govt dept. Use the money or give it back. Hey premier, am I right? Why is this coming when lowest numbers? And enough vaccines available to those who want them? Does this have anything to do with vaccine target numbers? Are the jab raffles not high enough to convince people? Now you use force and take away freedoms this easy. Sad seeing people with jobs forced to breath wet air all shift. And btw Im not anti-anything. Its pro-choice. Measures of protection exist to be chosen from and taken advantage of when wanted or needed. Otherwise we create more segregation. Divide and conquer,

  4. Our Leaders are doing a great job, along with Health reps in all Nunavut communities. They have worked together to keep Nunavutmiu Covid Free as best they can, especially when they know that flying patients south can be challenging. HATS OFF to all of Nunavutmiu, proud to be from Nunavut.

  5. Here’s a solution.

    If you have not had your Covid-19 shots (you’ve had plenty of time by now), you are exempt from wearing masks, or taking any protocols to protect yourself and those around you. At the same time, you will not be admitted to any medical facilities if you get Covid-19.

    Ultimate Freeeeedoaaaaam (in my best Mel Gibson voice from Braveheart).

    You’re free from breathing “wet air all shift”… and we are free of paying your medical bills for your indifference.

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