Finance and Human Resources Minister Adam Lightstone has contracted Covid-19.

“This weekend members of my household and I received positive test results for Covid-19. I am experiencing mild symptoms and will be isolating until at least Feb. 18. I will continue to perform my duties remotely, throughout my isolation period,” Lightstone said.

The minister noted that he has been abiding by public health measures to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the virus, such as physical distancing, wearing a mask in public, limiting shopping, and “most challenging,” minimizing visits or visitors to his family’s home. He added that he is fully vaccinated and has had his booster shot.

“No one wants to get Covid-19. This positive result shows how, even with our best efforts, the Omicron variant increases the risk of infection. What we can do is ensure that we minimize as much as possible the chances of getting the virus and as important, test when developing symptoms, and carefully follow all the isolation guidelines once we receive a positive result,” said Lightstone.

He urged all GN employees to work from home whenever possible and to hold meetings online as much as possible.

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