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MLA candidates on the issues: Bobby Anavilok, Kugluktuk

Bobby Anavilok

Bobby Anavilok

Community: Kugluktuk

Age: 60

Family status: Single parent with three teenagers

Career: Self-employed carver, hunter

Volunteer or board experience:

I have been associated with groups and organizations from the mid-’90s to date: HTO of Kugluktuk; Co-op board; Community Joint Planning and Management Committee with Nunavut Parks; Grays Bay Port initiative as consultant; artist and hunter representative for the community.

Why are you running for MLA?

To help with community concerns and health issues.

How much influence should NTI have in territorial governance?

100 per cent.

How urgent is combating climate change in Nunavut?

Very urgent. As we speak, changes are occurring by yearly paces.

How do you envision economic development in your riding?

To help local Inuit (self-employment) and local businesses to start and provide income and employment for local Inuit.

Are you for or against mandatory vaccinations?

I am in support of mandatory vaccinations in order to eliminate the virus or illness as soon as possible.

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