Joshua Arreak

Community: Pond Inlet

Age: 66

Family status: Married

Career: Currently the mayor of Pond Inlet

Volunteer or board experience:

I have been with Hamlet council for 20 years, minus couple of years. I have also volunteered in the church and vestries for about 25 years.

Why are you running for MLA?

I have been with the Hamlet council and in different organizations and I feel I can serve the community with my experiences, and would love to serve the community. Over the years, I have learned what the community needs and I believe I can serve the community to the best of my ability and knowledge.

How much influence should NTI have in territorial governance?

NTI is an Inuit representative and I believe they can have influence on IQ (Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit) and to make sure that IQ is used in our government for the sake of all Inuit.

How urgent is combating climate change in Nunavut?

I think it is urgent now that it is evident in the Arctic.

How do you envision economic development in your riding?

I believe economic development should be right in the front of Nunavut’s economy. Nunavut needs to grow in all areas of our economy.

Are you for or against mandatory vaccinations?

At this point I am not sure. Those who have not been vaccinated should not be penalized, but use all precautions and preventative measures to be able to travel in Nunavut.

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