A snow sculpture in Naujaat went viral on social media over the holidays.

The piece depicted a group of hunters in a boat as they chase down a breaching narwhal.

It was photographed and submitted to CBC North, but neither the photographer nor publication knew who made it.

But the carver behind the piece showed up in the comments: Ron Ullikataq Qamanirq.

“I love narwhal hunting, the same way I love Christmas,” he told Kivalliq News. “It makes me happy.”

Qamanirq has lived in Naujaat for 15 years and been carving snow for 12.

“It took me five hours,” he said of the piece.

Qamanirq used wood and water with snow to put it together.

“I enjoy snow sculpture because it reminds me of my childhood,” he said.

He already has his next piece in mind, but his lips are sealed until he puts it together.

“I love my family and friends,” said Qamanirq, hoping for better times following the holidays.

“I hope they will enjoy 2022, not like last year — last year was the worst!”

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