Occupants of a four-plex and firefighters avoided injury following a 7:45 a.m. fire in the 2200 neighbourhood of Iqaluit on July 7.

The City of Iqaluit credited neighbours for using multiple fire extinguishers to keep the blaze from spreading before fire crews arrived.

Four emergency vehicles and 11 firefighters converged on the scene and extinguished the flames. No injuries were reported to emergency personnel or occupants of the building, who were not displaced by the fire since damage was contained.

The municipality advised residents to clear storage from exterior stairs, landings and fire escapes. Also, garbage, recycling, construction materials and other flammable or combustible materials should be kept well away from the perimeter of residences, the city recommended in a news release.

“These items should be clear from underneath or on exterior staircases as this will block the occupants safe escape in case of fire,” the news release states. “Storage on stairs will also impede first responders from gaining quick access for fires, paramedic or police assistance. Clearing these pathways and making our properties more fire safe will allow all emergency services to help you more quickly and safely in your time of need.”

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