As a result of the community liquor plebiscite held on May 16, 2022, effective Sept. 4, 2022, there will be new liquor restrictions in Kugluktuk.

If you live in or travel to Kugluktuk, the following restrictions will apply:

The new limit per person for each two-week period for importing or purchasing liquor will be:

• 1.775 liters of spirits (1 x 60-ounce bottle); and either

• 17.04 litres of beer (48 x 355ml cans); or

• 3.75 litres of wine (5 x 750 millitre bottles).

This limit applies to all alcohol purchases in Kugluktuk. There is no exception for special occasions or events.

There are two ways to buy alcohol in Nunavut – from the Nunavut Liquor and Cannabis Commission (NULC) or from outside of Nunavut.

If you order alcohol from the NULC, you do not need an import permit. Please call the NULC office at 1-855-844-5488 or email

If you order alcohol from outside of Nunavut, you will need a liquor import permit. To purchase a permit, please call the NULC office at 1-855-844-5488 or email Liquor import permits are non-refundable and are valid for only one order. They must be used within two weeks of purchase date.

For more information about Kugluktuk’s liquor system, please email the Department of Finance’s at

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