Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. is giving away 25 snowmobiles to fully vaccinated Nunavut Inuit in April as encouragement to get inoculated against Covid-19.

Nunavut Inuit enrolled under the Nunavut Agreement who are over the age of five will automatically be entered into the draw. However, in order to claim a prize, those whose names are chosen must show proof of vaccination by April 29. Adults and children will need to show they either got two doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or one dose of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

“I would like to thank all the Nunavut Inuit who have been vaccinated against Covid-19. We are excited to be launching this draw to recognize the importance of vaccination and public safety. If you are not vaccinated against Covid-19, I strongly encourage you to make an appointment with your local health centre” said NTI President Aluki Kotierk.

NTI has set aside one snowmobile for each Nunavut community.

Nunavut Inuit living outside the territory who are fully vaccinated will be eligible for one of two $5,000 cash draws.

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  1. I’d use the snowmobile to go harvest
    For family and elders and community
    Spend time where I grew up as a child
    Each and every year when my father was on holidays

  2. What kind of virus makes you guys bribe people to get vaccinated?
    When there is more and more talk of this virus becoming endemic, like the flu, which most inuit dont know the meaning of the word endemic, especially in kivaliq region.
    This virus is showing the ugly sides of vaccinated people(the ones that think they have to travel for vacation). The attitudes of them are sick and because of Covid they act like they are right.
    I’m vaccinated only because of my kids but I haven’t given in to these bribes yet.
    Shame on us Inuit.

  3. hi there staff,good for ntl to do this
    i am fully vaccinated,
    do nti needs prove of vaccinated papers?

  4. This is so disappointing to see. So called “Inuit self-govt” coercing its own people into a massive pharmaceutical experiment, for a lousy chance to win a skidoo.
    You can get the virus, you can transmit the virus, you can be hospitalized by the virus and you can die from the virus, all while being vaccinated 3 times within 6 months. And as the time goes by its more and more apparent that the protection rate from vaccine is lower and lower.
    Also what happened to Inuit IQ? How many times in your history do you need to be fooled before you will use your own IQ and not government propaganda to make informed decisions. To see so-called Inuit govt support the oppressive Trudeau regime at the moment is ridiculous. You don’t have clean water to drink. Your youth are in the worst state of mental health. You are dividing people based on personal choices/beliefs. All healthy activities have been suspended, but you continue to pump in alcohol and drugs (including this vaccine) into communities.
    Just Google Pfizer and their vaccine experiments throughout their history. This is the science you believe? But you won’t believe your common sense?

  5. Just a curious question is having the second dose of moderna considered fully vaccinated? or you have to get all the booster shots to be considered fully vaccinated?

  6. All the non-inuit crying and complaining about it being discriminating on social media….are you a Beneficiary of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement? How is it discriminating when it’s for Nunavut Beneficiaries? I don’t get why the non-inuit are complaining about this…..I’m vaccinated with the booster, I’m happy to have the chance at winning a new sled. Good luck to my fellow vaccinated Inuit.

  7. I am fully vaccinated, and I am wondering if my name would automatically be entered or is there somewhere that I have to apply for this?

  8. I myself Mary Aleekee Neeveacheak and my husband David Havik Sr. Neeveacheak would like to enter the draw. We are fully vacinated how do I enter?

  9. Hi thank you for doing draws like this,
    Wasn’t informed about how to enter for draws,
    What about those who can’t take vaccines?

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