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NTI’s isolation kit program still going for Inuit in isolation

Kits will depend on diet; size of household

Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI) is continuing to provide isolation kits to Inuit diagnosed with Covid-19 who are required to isolate. This is meant to help support Inuit families who are taking part in a full 14-day isolation.

The contents of an isolation kit will depend on the information provided, such as numbers of adults and children in a home, dietary needs and infant-specific essentials.

For Inuit outside of Nunavut and in communities with no active confirmed cases of Covid-19, a signature will be required from your healthcare provider. In communities with active Covid no signature is needed.

The NTI isolation kit program was developed with the Government of Canada’s Indigenous Community Support Fund.

For more information on isolation kits you can contact NTI at 1-888-924-3757, email or visit NTI’s website.