On April 13, Eva Aariak, the Commissioner of Nunavut announced the opening of nominations for the 2022 Nunavut Commissioner Arts Award. This is the opportunity to help acknowledge artists within the territory who bring recognition to Inuit culture and support Nunavut’s economy.

“It is a privilege to recognize Inuit artistic expression. Our artistic ability is revealed in the original tools, clothing and implements for daily living that we have developed,” said Aariak.

The Award’s prize of $10,000 will be presented to an established Inuit artist who has made a significant contribution to the arts. These may include visual arts, performing arts or literature.

Past winners include Iglulik’s Susan Avinnaq and Pangnirtung carver Jaco Ishulutaq.

Nominations will be reviewed by committee who will then make recommendations to the Commissioner, members of this committee will chosen from the art sector of Nunavut.

Deadline for nominations is June 30.

For more information contact the Office of the Commissioner of Nunavut.

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