The extended public hearing for Baffinland Iron Mines phase two development proposal at Mary River Mine now has a new date to resume proceedings. The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) announced the new dates July 30.

Proceedings will be conducted with the same format and agenda on Nov. 1 to 6.

The second half of the hearing in Iqaluit was interrupted by an outbreak of COVID-19 in the city, with the first cases being diagnosed on April 14 – the third of nine days of hearings. The following morning the hearing was suspended indefinitely.

NIRB will be releasing the draft hearing agenda on Sept. 1.

At the time the hearings were suspended there remained one day of technical sessions involving Baffinland asking questions and following up with responses to questions of registered intervenors, as well as four-and-a-half days of community roundtable discussions.

The board also requires time for closing remarks and procedural direction for the filing of final written statements from parties and proponents.

In the interests of ensuring community roundtables can commence as soon as possible NIRB is also requesting Baffinland consider whether or not it is possible to reduce three hours of time on the agenda set aside for Baffinland’s questions and follow ups, they would like a response to this on or before August 12.

The deadline for interested parties to confirm attendance and their lead speaker at the hearing is Sept. 15.

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