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Possible outbreak of botulism suspected in Sanikiluaq

Public Health is advising residents to refrain from fermented meat consumption
Reindeer in Sanikiluaq. Photo courtesy of Mick Appaqaq

Residents of Sanikiluaq are being advised by the Department of Health to refrain from the consumption of fermented meat for the time being.

Reports of people possibly becoming ill due to botulism after consuming fermented meat are being investigated by Public Health.

Those who have recently consumed fermented meat should stay vigilant for the following symptoms:

-Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea

-Feelings of weakness or tiredness

-Blurred vision

-Weakening of the arms, legs, and chest muscles

-Breathing problems

Anyone experiencing these symptoms, or those with further questions, should not hesitate to call the Sanikiluaq health centre at 867-266-8965.

Any remaining fermented meat that could be used for testing should be reported to the regional environmental health officer at 867-975-1163.